Amidu versus presidency: It is troublesome to know who’s telling the reality – Prof Gyampo

Amidu versus presidency: It is troublesome to know who’s telling the reality – Prof Gyampo

Professor Ransford Gyampo

Senior political Science Lecturer on the College of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo continues to be at sea following the row between authorities and quick previous Particular Prosecutor, Martin Amidu.

In accordance with him, after studying the resignation letter of Mr. Amidu because the response from the presidency, he’s discovering it troublesome to know who’s telling Ghanaians the reality.

In a 15 level touch upon his social media deal with, the Political Science lecturer wrote:

1. I’ve learn Amidu’s letter of resignation and the imponderable allegations he made. I’ve additionally learn the response to the allegations from the Presidency.

It’s now fairly troublesome to emphatically say who’s telling the reality. It’s Amidu’s phrase in opposition to the President’s phrase. However there have to be the reality someplace, that must be discovered after additional and higher particulars which will come from the anticipated response from Amidu to the President’s letter, and a potential response once more from the Presidency.

2. I’m subsequently unable to submit my prolonged article I authored on the problem this daybreak, due to the two-sides of the matter now, which makes it crucial for some extra interrogation. I’ll do some extra search and take a while to interrogate the 2 sides.

3. Whereas this goes on, my preliminary view is that, it’s disappointing that Amidu resorted to the road of least resistance by resigning from his submit. He ought to have stayed on to battle as a person with ideas, conscience and clothed with some safety and safety from the legal guidelines.

4. His resignation suggests to me that, he was both not dedicated to preventing corruption past “his lengthy epistles” or he’s utterly ignorant about what it takes to battle corruption in a transitional democracy like Ghana.

5. Allow us to assume that every one the damning points he raised in his resignation letter are sacrosanct and truthful. Allow us to additionally assume that every little thing stated within the response from the Presidency is a lie.

I’ll nonetheless argue that the challenges outlined by Amidu mustn’t have warranted his resignation as Particular Prosecutor, in whom many stage headed folks together with civil society, are properly happy.

6. At his age, and given his expertise, what did he worry about threats of dying and intimidation? If armed robbers don’t worry to die throughout theft assaults even at very fortified locations, how can an aged individual like Amidu, doing the proper factor for society, hand over, merely due to threats on his life?

As a younger man, I’ve obtained a number of threats on my life earlier than, for daring to talk my thoughts. However so what? I’m positive he had related threats when he fell out with Prof Mill’s authorities and have become a Vigilante Citizen.

7. Didn’t Amidu know that in our a part of the world, corruption is the rule, fairly the rule, than the exception and it’ll battle anybody who fights it? Didn’t he know that transitional democracies are all the time fast to create establishments simply to render them toothless by open or surreptitious government interference and by denying them the wanted sources to perform?

Didn’t he know that in growing democracies, some persons are untouchable, and that in the event you contact them, there might be penalties? Didn’t he know that it’s regular in a growing democracy for folks in energy to react the best way they might have reacted about his report that exposes some wrongdoing?

8. Didn’t he know that he was solely a mere Particular Prosecutor and never an Unbiased Public Prosecutor? The 2 are utterly completely different. The Particular Prosecutor can’t be virtually impartial, stricto senso, because it operates within the shadows of the Legal professional-Basic, who’s a partisan appointee and may truly cease the Particular Prosecutor from finishing up sure investigations.

9. When a few of us advocated for the separation of the Legal professional-Basic from the Ministry of Justice and the creation of an Unbiased Public Prosecutor, means again in 2006, we have been calling for an Unbiased Officer who received’t stroll within the shadows of any authorities appointee.

Amidu knew he wasn’t an Unbiased Public Prosecutor, and but he wished to be impartial. How potential? He knew how toothless his workplace that was set as much as function in a growing democracy, was going to be. But, he accepted his appointment.

As soon as he accepted the supply, he ought to have stayed on to battle as a person together with his type of conviction to cope with the challenges. Domelovo would by no means have resigned, if he hadn’t been ousted technically.

10. Amidu had a superb alternative to make his mark, whatever the challenges, which I acknowledge, might impose hurdles. A striker price his salt, doesn’t give up soccer just because defenders thwarted his efforts and makes an attempt at scoring.

11. It isn’t the very best however it’s regular to be annoyed in any growing democracy, in a single’s try to assist battle corruption. Amidu ought to have recognized this and shouldn’t have allow us to down by pandering to the challenges and quitting.

12. He’s one among a form within the human species in Ghana. Not many individuals have his type of persona and ideas. If he couldn’t keep, who else might keep? Whatever the challenges, he ought to have held on to battle just a little extra to institutionalize his workplace and its mandate.

13. We clamor for the tradition of resignation, notably when officers don’t do what is predicted of them, not resignations at a time when establishments are being constructed.

14. Per what he has accomplished, he has utterly shut the door to future cross-party appointments in a way that would perpetuate Winner-Takes-All politics. Given the brouhaha, I don’t see any future for the Workplace of the Particular Prosecutor. It could both probably not outlive this regime, or in any future regime, it should exist just like the NCCE, that exists however doesn’t exist.

15. Given the weak countervailing authority in our physique politic and challenges of constitutionalism in Ghana, I had a number of hope and confidence in Amidu as somebody who might assist examine government excesses and help the battle in opposition to corruption.

Domelovo, I imagine, confronted related challenges however he was determined and greater than resolved to do what he was mandated to do, no matter how uncomfortable he made the federal government of the day. Any anti-corruption crusader who crumbles earlier than challenges in his quest to cope with corruption, should ceaselessly stay mute on issues of corruption.


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